Friday, 25 January 2013

Quick update

Just finishing off the last four figures to make up two V&B, 12 man French Grenadier units and I'm quite pleased with the way the painting is going at the moment. The method of painting in very small batches ( 4 figures at a time ) is working well and this plus allowing myself plenty of time to complete them, is turning the painting process into more of a pleasure than a chore!

Once these next few figures are complete then I'll finish making my sabot bases so I can at least start to play around testing the rule system itself. I still plan to paint lot more figures up this year including quite a bit more Russian stuff and to even things out a little I'd like to add an Allied division to the French force. (I could just paint up another French division but I figure a change would be as good as a rest)  I shall have to do a little homework on this to see exactly what my options are. Perhaps some Bavarians to add to the mix?...

Also during the next few weeks I want to experiment with some smaller scale scratch-built buildings. (between 10 and 15mm scale)  These will be quite simple affairs made from foam board and card so stay tuned for a look at those soon.

Anyway, onwards and upwards,

Happy gaming everyone.


  1. The Bavarians probably saw more action than any other French Ally - and can even fight against them in 1813-14. My own first Confederation of the Rhine troops, back some 40 years ago, were Bavarians.

    1. Thanks for the info Peter. I think I may go with the Bavarian option.

  2. Steve, marvellous to have you 'back'. Those grenadiers looked great. A find wargaming unit.

    Your painting plan sounds like an excellent way to go. My plan changes with terrible regularity, and, as a slow painter, to the detriment of me finishing units. I am now determined to finish some of the many 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 7/8 completed units that I have. But I also need to start on some Austrians for 1813...!!! :-)

    To reiterate what Peter has said (hopefully without just repeating it!), Bavarians are excellent 'value' as wargaming troops—in the Iain Dickie meaning of the term—as they were present in every campaign from 1809 (except Peninsular) and even changed sides just prior to the Battle of Leipzig. Then of course, you can always have them substitute for similarly uniformed troops (such as Badeners) or paint some Bavarians as such.

  3. Hi James.
    It's good to have my mojo back again and I'm really enjoying painting again. I have plans to extend my figure collection this year by way of a Bavarian contingent to add to my French and increase my Russian forces. I'm also determined to get a lot more scenery together over the coming months including scratch building some 'down scaled' buildings soon.
    Good to hear from you again .


  4. Hi Steve,
    Your link is now ok...great blog!


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