Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year, New Plans

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all out there in Blogger land. Here's hoping for a healthy, happy and productive new year for us all.

I've spent quite a while during the Christmas break thinking about how to proceed with the hobby and the various gaming periods that hold an interest for me. If I'm honest, last year was a bit of a damp squib in so much that due to a lack of motivation and dis-satisfaction with the games I was playing I found myself distancing myself considerably from the hobby as whole.

Even though I spent months game and paint 'free' I have closely followed others' projects with interest almost with a sense of envy ... Envious that I can't seem to find what I'm looking for (go for it Bono)  from the hobby while others seem constantly enthused by their chosen era / figures / rule sets. I even have to doff my cap at those who use rule sets that I really dislike. At least they're happy with what they have!

So, what about this year?

The Blog(s):

I've decided to let my other blog ( )  simply 'sit' and I will be posting all news on my wargaming projects (regardless of era) on this particular site. ....

This year I need to shift my ass a bit more and have several projects I want to expand / start.


First up is my 1/72nd Naps project. I've really struggled to find 'the' rule set for this era but I've decided that Volley and Bayonet will be getting a serious trying out this year and I've already started to get sabot bases made up to enable me to get started. In so far as the extras required I will be expanding my French and Russian forces along with more scenery construction.


Another project that stalled last year, again due to dis-satisfaction with rule sets.  WWII was the very first era I played all those years ago and after thinking about the struggle I've had this time around it suddenly hit me why. As a spotty young teenager I played really simple games, never worrying about command structure, morale or anything much else. I loved the games... This is my problem now. I'm trying to follow the 'norm' .... my troops have to be based like this.... These troops need to be under command or have 'pips' available to do that...... You know the kind of thing.
As a result I've decided to write a REALLY simple set of rules to enable me to start enjoying the GAME again. The emphasis will be entirely on 'fun' and I'm actually really looking forward to getting this one started.
More scenery needed again for this project so that's another one for the list.

WWI Naval:

This is a brand new project I'm looking to start this year. Cheap and fast to get started as I already have my rule book 'Victory at Sea ; Age of Dreadnoughts' so just a few vessels needed to get me under way.

So there we have it...... Here's to a productive year!

All the best everyone.



  1. Good list, and good luck, Steve.

    You may wish to check out some of the Vintage - Old School wargaming stuff re simple WW2 rules - definitely NOT my period. :-)

    1. Yes, it's simplicity all the way for 2013 for me.

  2. Let me know when you complete your WWII ruleset.
    I'm very interested in it.


    1. Keep popping back here Roby, the rules will no doubt make an appearance here some time in the future as I've also decided to post news on All my wargaming projects on this particular blog.

  3. Ok.
    I've just linked your blog in my blog.


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