Saturday, 15 December 2012

2013 : New Project ...

With 2013 on the horizon I decided to make a start on a new project that I've been toying with for several months now.. WWI naval gaming.

A good start was made when I won the above hardback rule book on ebay for £7.00! ... Can't complain at that as the book is 'as new' and usually retails at over £20.... I love a bargain me.

So this will be my reading material for over the Christmas holiday and I'll be making my decision on scale etc in the new year.  

Many thanks to David over at 'A Wargaming Odyssey' who kindly advised me on scale and manufacturers as well as providing inspiration through his many naval related postings!


  1. VAS is a great set of rules - we use them for WW2 sea battles. A great bargain for £7.

    1. Hi Phil,
      The rules seem to have a good following and I'm looking forward to getting the project started in the new year. Just need to decide on which scale to go for first!

    2. 1/3000 I would say - more room on he table.

      Good draw today btw. Sorry Fellaini tried to kill Shawcross!

    3. Yeh, 1/3000th has been recommended so I'll be looking into those.

      Haven't seen the Feallaini incident yet. I usually stream the match online but I was working today so missed it. I've heard it was a bit nasty though and there was calls for a sending off but I really can't comment on it yet.
      I'll take a draw against Everton though to be honest, they're a good team and are playing well..... Liverpool on the other hand...... I'll say no more Phil...

    4. Saw the Feallaini ncident Phil and have to say I think he got off extremely lightly with just a 3 match ban and a possible fine from his club. That really was disgraceful behaviour from a so called 'professional' footballer. I must however praise both Ryan Shawcross for keeping his composure and also David Moyes for his immediate condemnation of his players behaviour during the game. It would have been all too easy for the Everton manager to simply brush this incident under the carpet with the usual 'well I can't comment until I've seen the play-back' comment but hats off to Moyes for publicly slamming Fellaini's behaviour.

  2. Good to see you with a new project, Steve!

    1. Thanks Peter. A nice, quick project to get going with. A few ships models, no scenery to speak of and hopefully some fun games!

  3. Hello Steve - I hope you find the new project enjoyable, and maybe you will get back to Napoleonics next year.

    Whats it like up in the loft room now, I enjoyed following you building that on the blog.

    Here's to a good 1013 :-)

    All the best,


    1. Hi Lee,
      I'm looking forward to the naval project but I'll no doubt be trying a few Napoleonic games during the coming year.
      The loft isn't getting much use at the minute to be honest. I really lost my gaming mojo this year for some reason but can't put my finger on why.
      I'm hoping that '13 will be a bit more productive!

      All the best mate.


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