Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Was it something I said?

Just noticed that after my recent jubilation at attaining my 100th follower I've lost one along the way!

Back to 99 again!


  1. Hi
    One, Two day's ago I got a lot of crap posts in my blogger dashboard. Posts from a blog I don't follow. After a long search I found out that these posts were posted on my dashboard using your blog ( i don't accuse you). Don't ask me how I don't know. I stopped following you and yep all post were gone. I now follow you again and so far everything seems OK. Maybe you should check your blog if it hacked or something else is wrong with it.
    Next time I get a lot of crap posts on my dashboard and it seems that your blog is used again I will stop following you again but then won't return.
    You have a great site.

  2. Thanks Hein, I have also received a lot of 'spam' comments over the past few weeks. I will certainly check this out.


Will all spammers please note that your pointless ramblings will not be published so do us all a favour and feck off. To my friends and fellow gamers please feel free.....