Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Gaming Loft Project. 5/1/12 Update

At last! .. The plaster boarding is complete and after a quick tidy up and a sweep up I spent some time taping the board joins and started to apply the filler. ..

Once this is done it will need to be sanded and another thin skim applied before yet another sanding and finally painting.

I won't go overboard on the sanding .... it's a loft after all not my lounge!

This wall is the dividing wall between us and our poor neighbours who must be sick to the back teeth of hearing my drilling and banging around in the roof space!
I'm thinking of trying to clean the brickwork up and either sealing it or painting it .... not decided yet.
After that it's a bit more joinery. Skirting boards and the two panels in the partition wall.
Won't be long now!!


  1. Looking very good there Steve!

    When's the first game?

  2. Cheers Andy. The room should be finished by the end of the month but I still have the table to build and I really need to get some scenery together. I think it will be March at least before I get round to actually playing but it'll be worth the effort I think.

  3. If you are painting direct onto the plasterboard make sure you treat it first with a thin pva/water 1:2 or 1:3 coat. Otherwise you will never get an even application of colour. Also it is easier to apply your first coat of paint before finishing the final application of joint filler. Makes it easier to see the difference in contours you have to work out.
    Rob (who does this sort of thing for a living!)

  4. Nice tidy work Steve. Pretty impressive progress as well.

    Regards Paul

  5. Cheers everyone. Quick update; the filling is done and I'm now busy creating clouds of dust by doing the sanding. Taking Robs advice I will be applying a thin coat of dilute PVA in the next few days to seal the surface ready for painting..... Don't ya just love DIY?

  6. Fantastic job Steve, that is really very inspiring. Whats your materials cost so far roughly?

    All the best,

  7. Hi Lee
    So far the job has cost approx. 450.00 in materials as I've done all the work myself. I'd estimate the total cost will be around 600.00.
    Thanks for the comment!

    All the best,


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